Mystery Sphere Extra – Can People Predict Tragic Future Events?

I wanted to share with you a few stories I have heard from people since posting my video on people who seem to have predicted the death of themselves or someone they love. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can check it out at the bottom of this post. After researching this video and hearing these stories, I have no explanation as to how some people seem to know when something bad is about to happen. Is it just down to coincidence or do people really have a sixth sense? I think I will keep an open mind on this one. What do you think?

A woman told me how she occasionally gets the urge to ask someone if they have recently spoken to a certain relative such as a sister or uncle. Then within days or weeks the relative has passed away. She said she feels this happens to give the person a chance to have one last talk or visit with the person or to reconcile any dispute before it’s too late and the person is gone.


Secondly, a man told me how one of his girlfriends from when he was younger always said she knew she would die before the age of 30. He forgot about this after they split up. Years later, for a few months he had this odd feeling of dread which wouldn’t go away and would keep him up at night and he had no idea what it was about. Then one day he heard that the ex girlfriend had died in a car crash at the age of 29. He was shocked. The feeling of dread never came back after this.


The last story I will share is about a woman who had an 18 year old son. He had gone over to a friend’s house one evening and the woman had gone to a bowling alley. All of a sudden she had this terrible feeling that something was wrong and she kept getting flash images of her son, sirens, red, and blood. She frantically started trying to call her son but couldn’t get hold of him. She kept trying and trying. Hours later, her son came home and told her how a group of men who had fallen out with one of the son’s friends had come to his house with baseball bats to cause havoc. Luckily her son managed to escape from the house relatively unharmed but it could have been so much worse. She says she knew her son was in danger that night but she has no idea how!

I would love to hear more of your stories if you have experienced anything similar…

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