Mystery Sphere Extra – The Voodoo Curse of Julia Brown.

A friend of mine once told me a story about a cigar case he bought from a charity shop. From the moment he took it home, he continually lost money and could not make any sense of what was happening. He didn’t put the two things together at first. He was really confused as to why he kept loosing money all of a sudden. He then realised it was ever since he started carrying the cigar case and quickly gave it back to the shop. He money issues stopped! Is it just a coincidence or can objects and places carry negative energy or curses?


One place that is said to be cursed is a small town in Louisiana called Frenier. It is said that a Voodoo priestess and local medicine woman called Julia Brown put a curse on the town when she died in the early 1900’s. She would sit on her porch singing to herself ‘One day I’m gonna die, and I’m gonna take the whole town with me’. Then on the day of her funeral, a HUGE storm and hurricane ripped through Frenier and killed all but two of the locals.


Some people suggest that maybe she just had a premonition and the song was not a threat. Others think she wanted to take the whole town with her as she was the protector of the people. She did work to heal the locals and tell their fortune, so it is strange that she would turn so violent against the people she was helping. Some people claim that she grew to resent the people who always wanted something from her and this is the reason she cursed the town. Locals believe in the curse to this day and it doesn’t help that every business venture and attempt to revive the town seems to fail. People also claim that Frenier is rife with paranormal activity. This has been documented on several paranormal shows.

Please check out my video below if you want to hear more on Julia Brown and also about other curses such as James Dean’s cursed car, a terribly cursed Italian island, and the curse of the Egyptian Pharaohs…

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