Women Across India Are Waking Up To Find Their Hair Mysteriously Chopped Off. Who Or What Could Be Behind It?

In July this year, a very strange phenomena started to happen in northern India. Woman started reporting to Police that their hair had been mysteriously chopped off while they were sleeping or after falling unconscious. So far, roughly fifty women have reported the strange incident. At one point, there were even four reports in one day. Police have found no clues at any of the crime scenes and nothing unusual has been reported by medical staff who have inspected the victims.


Some victims say that the perpetrator was not seen or heard and that they simply awoke to find their hair chopped off and neatly placed on their pillow. Others have reported strange ghostly encounters before falling unconscious and waking up in a daze with their hair next to them on the floor. One women claimed she saw a bright flash of light before falling unconscious, another claims she saw a large cat that turned into a woman, another claims to have seen a man dressed in red and yellow carrying a trident. All subsequently collapsed and awoke with their hair cut off.

Some women are resorting to tying their hair into a bun and using hair clips which feature various Hindu gods for protection.


There have been several theories reported by the people affected by this strange phenomena with some suspecting witches, witch doctors or evil spirits. Unfortunately, these rumours led to the death of a 65 year old woman who was suspected of being the witch behind the hair chopping. An angry mob beat her to death. Indian Police officials have been quick to try to calm the public down, and are certain there is a more logical explanation behind the chopping. They think that maybe a religious group could be trying to frighten people who will then in turn come to them for a cure. They also think it could just be a gang causing trouble. Psychology experts believe it could all be a case of mass hysteria and the women could be cutting their own hair either subconsciously or for attention. Some of the victims have been quick to dismiss this theory saying they have spent years growing their hair and would never cut it.

The problem is that as yet, Police do not have any solid leads as to who or what is behind the hair chopping. This leaves room for people to come to their own conclusions however supernatural or far fetched they may sound.

My theory is that a prankster probably started this whole thing by cutting of the first few victims hair, and then other people started copying this in other areas which caused a certain degree of mass hysteria. I do not think however that all of these women have chopped off their own hair subconsciously! Hopefully time will tell and Police will work out what is going on.

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