Mystery Sphere Extra – How Can Science Explain Spontaneous Remission of Disease?

Graham Hancock is one of my favourite researchers and authors so I was very shocked to read that he recently had a serious brush with death. You can read his full article on what happened here.

In short, Mr Hancock had suffered from serious grand mal seizures and was put into an induced coma:

…in the early hours of Monday, 14 August, when I suffered further, far more severe grand mal seizures here at my home in Bath, UK. Again I was rushed to the ER and then to the intensive care ward. Again the medical staff, now at the Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath, were completely brilliant, caring and engaged with my case far above and beyond the call of duty. Again their intervention saved my life. This time the seizures were multiple and recurrent and my beloved wife Santha was taken aside by the neurologist who advised her to prepare herself for my death or, if by chance I survived that I would be so badly brain damaged that I would effectively be a “vegetable”. They put me in an induced coma, intubated on a ventilator for 48 hours. Eventually they were able to withdraw the tube and start me breathing for myself again. It was Wednesday 16 August, late afternoon, when I began to return to some form of consciousness baffled to see that Sean and Shanti, two of my grown-up children, had flown from Los Angeles and New York to be with Santha at my bedside together with Leila and Gabrielle, two more of our grown-up children who live in London. For quite some time I couldn’t understand what had happened, why I had a catheter in my bladder, why my brain was so foggy.

Little by little consciousness increased. I was moved to the neurology ward and on Thursday night, 17 August, much to my relief, the catheter was taken out. All day Friday 18th I remained in the neurology ward, very wobbly but able to totter to the toilet with the aid of a stick. By Friday night I was feeling much better. Finally, Saturday, I was discharged and came home.”


This seems like a miraculous recovery as Graham should have been left with at least some brain damage if he survived at all. It seems like a relevant example of people who have beaten all of the odds and made a full recovery despite being given a grim prognosis. Do you think the body has some ability to heal itself? If so, then why does this happen in some people and not others? The placebo effect is some form or proof that there is a stronger connection between the brain and body than we currently understand. How can some people spontaneously beat cancer without receiving any conventional treatment while others die?

Take a look at our video of 5 people who have miraculously recovered from fatal situations against all of the odds. Were these divine miracles or do our minds have the ability to heal our bodies?












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