Can People Predict Death? 5 Tragic Premonitions (VIDEO) MYSTERY SPHERE


Benjamin Franklin once said ‘but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Death is something we can’t escape, but what if it was possible to catch a glimpse of when this might happen? Personally I don’t think I would want to know when my time is up, but here is a list of 5 people that appeared to have foreknowledge of death.

Lord Thomas Lyttelton


On the night of the 24th of November 1779, Lord Thomas Lyttelton awoke from his sleep to hear what sounded like the fluttering of a bird in his room. When he looked up however, he saw a women dressed in white. The woman pointed at him and told him to get his affairs in order as he had only a short time left to live. When he asked how long he had left, she replied ‘Not three days’. This depressed Lord Lyttelton a great deal and he quickly told people around him about the visit from the woman in white. The story spread quickly. On 27th Novemeber, the predicted day of his death, he decided to throw a dinner party to cheer himself up. At 10.30pm it was noted that he looked at his watch and casually remarked how he had one and a half hours left to live. People apparently tried to make light of this and tell him not to worry and how he ought to be trying to out live the prophecy. Shortly after this though, he went to bed and began complaining of stomach pains. This was something he frequently suffered from so his servant went to make him his usual remedy of rhubarb and peppermint water. Unfortunately Lord Lyttelton was then found dead by the servant leaving everyone in astonishment and proving his prediction to be correct. There are some variations in the finer details of this story because of how long ago it happened, but Lord Lyttelton did definitely have what seems to be an accurate prediction of his death and subsequently there are several first hand written accounts of this. I guess the real question here should be whether this is a real example of a premonition witnessed by many people, or did Lord Lyttelton bring on his own death through the power of suggestion? He definitely did have health problems at the time of his premonition so I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes


Lisa Lopes better known as Left Eye from the group TLC, was tragically killed in a car accident on April 25 2002. At the time she was filming a documentary of a month long spiritual retreat she was taking in Honduras. This was something she did regularly and she regarded Honduras as a spiritual place where all your fears are quick to manifest. There are several strange things surrounding her death.

Firstly fellow TLC member Tionne ‘T-Boz Watkins had an uneasy feeling on the day Lisa died. She said ‘Lisa died a day before my birthday. I remember everything. I was with security in my Porsche and I said to them, “I feel like I’m going to get in a wreck and I want to go home.” The driver said: “Well, that’s on the other side of town.” I didn’t care; I wanted to go home. I just felt something was going to happen to me, but it wasn’t me — it was Lisa. I was sitting in a rocking chair in my daughter’s room after putting her down when I got a call from Chilli. She was screaming. I had just gotten out the hospital from fighting sickle cell so I had to be careful about getting upset. Everybody was trying to keep me calm. This seems to suggest that T-Boz subconsciously knew that someone was about to be in a serious car crash.

Secondly Lisa herself seemed to know something bad was going to happen to her. During the filming in Honduras, she said she sometimes had prophetic dreams and that she had dreamt she saw the sun which looked huge and close to the Earth and that she somehow knew it meant this was this end. She also said she felt like she had an evil spirit following her around that wanted to harm her. Then to make matters worse, the car Lisa was riding in one day hit and killed a young boy. The boy’s surname was Lopez and he also had the same show size as Lisa. She was convinced that the evil spirit following her had made a mistake and killed the boy instead of her.Within three weeks of this, Lisa had the fatal car accident and was the only fatality out of the 7 passengers on board.

All of these coincidences seem very strange to me, what do you think?

Countess Toutschkoff

One night in 1806, Countess Toutschkoff had a prophetic dream about her husband who was a general in the Russian army.

This story was recorded in the memoirs of Stephen Grellet an American Quaker missionary in Russia. He was told the story directly by the Countess herself.

He writes:

It occurred about three months before the French army entered Russia; she dreamed that she was at an inn in a town unknown to her, that her father came into her chamber, having her only son by the hand, and said to her in a most pitiful tone, ‘all thy comforts are cut off, he has fallen (meaning her husband), he has fallen at Borodino.’ She woke in great distress, but, knowing that her husband was beside her, she considered it as a dream, and tried to compose herself again to sleep; the dream was repeated, and attended with such increased distress of mind, that it was a long time before she could rise above it and fall asleep again. A third time she dreamed the same; her anguish of mind was then such that she woke her husband and queried, ‘Where is Borodino?’ and then mentioned her dream; he could not tell her where that place was; they and her father carefully looked over the maps of the country, but could not discover any such place. It was then but an obscure spot, but has since become renowned for the bloody battle fought near it.  At that time the seat of war was far off, but it soon drew near: before the French armies entered Moscow, the General Toutschkoff was placed at the head of the army of reserve; and one morning her father, having her little son by the hand, entered the chamber of the inn at which she was staying; in great distress, as she had beheld him in her dream, he cried out,’ He has fallen, he has fallen at Borodino.’ Then she saw herself in the very same chamber, and through the windows beheld the very same objects that she had seen in her dreams. 

So how did the Countess know about Borodino and more importantly how did she foresee her husband’s death?

Frank Pastore

Frank Pastore was a former Major League Baseball pitcher who became a popular Christian radio host in Los Angeles. During one of his shows, he began discussing an episode of the science TV show ‘Through the worm hole’ and his belief in the existence of the human soul. He stated ‘
You guys know I ride a motorcycle, right, so at any moment, especially with the idiot people who cross the diamond lane into my lane, without any blinkers, not that I’m angry about it, but at any minute I could be spread all over the 210. But that’s not me; that’s my body parts, and that distinction undergirds the entire Judeo-Christian world view.’

This became a a spookily accurate prediction as within three hours of his words, he had a fatal crash on the 210 freeway. It’s one thing to mention that you could be killed riding a motor bike as we all know they can be particularly risky to ride, but to talk about having an accident in the exact place all within three hours of this happening is at least an incredible coincidence. The women who collided with Frank Pastore was obviously questioned by Police and the events were ruled aa accidental so we can rule out the possibility that this was a crazy person trying to prove a point after hearing what he said on his show.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on Good Friday April 13th 1865 at Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC. Roughly20 years later, Lincoln’s friend and law partner Ward Hill Lamon, revealed a story of how Lincoln may have dreamt of his death. He claims that a few days before the assassination, Lincoln dreamt that he walked into the East room of the White House and saw a crowd of mourners and soldiers standing over a corpse on the floor. When he asked who had died, one of the soldiers replied ‘The President. He was killed by an assassin’. Lincoln apparently wasn’t too bothered by the dream as the dead president didn’t look like him. To add to this, members of his cabinet also claim that on the morning of his death, Lincoln had told them he had dreamt of ‘sailing across an ocean at great speed.’ He said this was a reoccuring dream of his which he had before ‘nearly every great and important event of the war’. These things could suggest that Lincoln might of subconsciously known he was about to die. Sceptics however don’t believe Lamon’s story about the assassination dream because he didn’t mention it for 20 years.  This does seem strange but I can’t help but wonder why he didn’t create a more dramatic and specific story if it is completely fabricated? And for what purpose?

So what do you think these stories show? Are these all just examples of amazing coincidences? Do they show the power of suggestion and how the human mind can influence the body even to the point of death? Or do they show that humans sometimes have the ability to see a glimpse of tragic future events? 


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