Mystery Sphere Extra – The Thunderbird.

Could there be a giant species of bird that has not been officially discovered yet? Check out our video on sightings of the giant Thunderbird below.

There are many sighting of birds all over the world that either don’t fit the description of any known species in the given area, behave differently, or are just too large to be any known species of bird like the Turkey Vulture.

When it comes to any cryptid-creature, the age-old question is always ‘Why don’t we have any remains or bones if these creatures exist?’. There are several possible answers to this. Firstly, if the birds live largely in a remote area where people don’t tread, then we would not see any remains. Secondly, scavengers tend to carry away and scatter remains of dead animals and birds and sometimes eat the bones, so we would not necessarily see a whole skeleton or recognise any bones we did see as unusual. Bones can also get buried under mud and foliage depending on the climate and surroundings of the place in question. It’s actually quite uncommon to come across wild animal bones and fossils and you only need to think of the small amount of ancient human remains we have found to know that most remains just decay away.

We are still discovering thousands of new species of animals, plants, and insects every year, so who knows what else is out there?

We will be making a series of videos talking about sightings and potential evidence of various cryptid creatures so keep an eye out for those….

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