Strange Orb Of Light in the Sky over Siberia.

On October 26th 2017, hundreds of people witnessed a large glowing orb of light in the sky over Siberia. The light seems to expand in a symmetrical way until it completely disappears. Many people were left frightened by the unusual sight and people soon started to post pictures and accounts of the incident on social media.

There were many different explanations from people. Some momentarily thought it was the end of the world, some thought it was a UFO, and others thought it was a rip in space-time, or a portal to another dimension. Other people thought it could be the Northern Lights as they were visible in the sky that night.

I have to admit that the light was very unusual and I can easily see why people think something out of the ordinary was going on. There has been an official explanation however. It was confirmed that four ballistic missile tests were launched that night and one of them was behind the unusual light display. Because of the lack of air in space, the rocket exhaust expands in a bubble shape and the light from the sun below the horizon can light it up.

The light looked similar to the ‘Norway Spiral’ which was witnessed in northern Norway and Sweden on December 9th 2009.

The spiral is believed to be a failed Russian missile launch which caused the missle to start spiralling around through space creating the strange pattern in the sky. It doesn’t look the same as the Siberian light, but there are definitely enough similarities for them to both be caused by the same thing.

If you believe the Norway Spiral to be caused by a missile, then I think it’s definitely possible that we are witnessing a similar event. If you don’t, well then maybe there is an all together less mundane reason for both?! I guess we should wait and see if anything similar is ever spotted again when there is definitely NO missile testing going on. But until then, maybe it’s best to apply the principle of ‘Occam’s Razor’ to these events until it’s proven not to be the case.

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